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January 2012:  Carol Explains the Importance of Paint-Free Hermit Crab Shells in the Chicago Tribune

May 2011: Carol’s expertise on eco-smart waste disposal will be featured in a Tom Barthel piece for Dog Fancy.

December 2010: Green Your Dogs recommends Carol’s Pets and the Planet as a top pick for holiday gifts.

The National uses Pets and the Planet for their Eco-Friendly Pets feature.

October 2010: Carol is interviewed about Pets and the Planet on Talkin’ Pets with Jon Patch; listen to her segment here.

September 2010: Carol weighs in on dog waste disposal at the Northern Virginia Dog Blog.
The Natural Pet Expo gets some advice from Pets and the Planet

August 2010:  Carol’s advice for apartment-dwelling pet owners is cited in the Cooperator Monthly.

April 2010: Pets and the Planet gets 5/5 stars at Pet Care | Pet Cover | Pet Choice.

ENV Magazine (Environmental News & Views) calls Pets and the Planet “the most practical guide to sustainable pet care”.  Read the review here.

March 2010: takes Carol’s simple advice on making your pet green- and healthy.  Read the article here.

February 2010: The International Services Agency recommends picking up a copy of Carol’s Pets and the Planet for sustainable pet care advice.  See the review here.

January 2010: The Oregonian’s Jacques Von Lunen advises parrot owners to enrich their relationship with their birds by taking Carol’s online courses.  Read about it here.

December 2009: Pets and the Planet utilized for “Going Green With Your Dog” by Florence Scarinci.  View publication information here.

November 2009:  The K9 Chronicles interviews Carol about her unique approach to animals and writing.  Click here to read the full interview.

Kim Campbell Thornton transcribes the panel “Consumer Guide to Saving Money on Pet Care” from the 2009 Cat Writer’s Association conference, which included Carol’s expertise on how to save both money and the environment when it comes to pet care.

September 2009: Carol gives quick and easy tips for pet owners trying to go green- and save money.  Click here to read her latest article at the All You website.

August 2009: Carol is interviewed about Pets and the Planet on Pampered Puppies.

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